Inspire Brands: “Ignite & Nourish”

The big idea for an art feature at the Inspire Brands HQ was to build it on a texture made from something iconic, representing the restaurant industry and the dinner plate was the perfect object. Excited by the concept, the client released us to develop the idea and we began beta testing plates for weight, size, paint adherence, and many other factors. When the perfect plate made the cut, our fabrication partners were tasked to determine how to attach the plates to the wall in a removeable way so that after painting the mural, wall protection could be taken down and plates re-installed in order. Meanwhile, we chose one of Atlanta’s most recognizable muralists, Peter Ferrari, to design a bold abstraction of Inspire’s tagline: “Ignite & Nourish” explores the meeting of heat and moisture inherent in the culinary arts. The result of this undertaking is a one-of-a-kind custom art piece that celebrates both Atlanta and Inspire Brands.